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Teen addiction prevention through education, motivation and inspiration  


Our Vision is to develop strong primary prevention tools to help prevent teen drug addiction.

By attacking the deception we develop and foster a community that will be educated on the issues of why and where addiction begins and what to do to prevent it.

This message will be distributed through the use of the media, the Internet, public speeches and educational material.

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About Us

In 1998 the Roberts family formed a foundation called The Courage to Change Foundation.  Its mandate was to assist in the fight against teen addiction.  Since that time we have come a long way.

Today we are The Push for Change Foundation.  Recently re-named and branded to reflect the young target audience our initial spirit lives on.  Our goal is simple – to educate youth and parents on the dangers of drug abuse.

What has changed for us is a deeper focus on youth prevention. We are now developing programs for parents to help in early detection and intervention.  We are developing unique leadership programs to engage both parents and young people. Using time periods like New Years Eve, March Break and summer holidays, to initiate these programs we feel we can make a marked difference.

Our long term goal is to continue to reach young people in the school system but also reach parents through internet and public speaking venues.  Develop literature for both groups and build strong alliances with other community based organizations with like minded goals.

It is our hope to re-connect families by proactively addressing drug problems before the start.

We are a nonprofit society and are always looking for addition support.  Please contact us today and join the fight.

Joe Roberts
Executive Director

The Push For Change
Office   604-941-7708