If you are over 18 and reading this STOP! This message is not for you….. I mean it, get lost!

OK, so here it is. When I was growing up nobody told me that drugs were dangerous, that drugs could hurt you and that they could lead to really horrible things. Today I know this first hand. If I could go back in time and change things I would. I can’t change things for me but I can help you. You, the young person ready this right now. You have no idea how good your life can and will be as you mature and moved towards your goals and dreams. You have no idea how your life will effect others. All the potential for good you can have in life, how many people you are going to help. All the interesting places, events and experiences you are going to have.

I met an author once who told me that the greatest tragedy in life was how many people were not going to get to know how special I was. When I think about it that applies to all of us. How many people will never meet you. Will never get to know whats unique about you, your interests, your favourite movie, your passion for life. Worst yet is how many of our friends never get to know themselves because they sell themselves short by using drugs and compromising their values and beliefs to fit in.

I’m not saying its easy, its not. Life can be hard. There are so many negative influences putting pressure you and some days you’re going to want to give up…. Don’t! Tough times never last but tough people do. Give life your best and I guarantee you will be rewarded.

Lastly friend, I want you to know. You are suppose to be here, you have a purpose in life, you are a beautiful creation of God and your life has meaning. Stay clean and sober and you will find your path. Today I don’t want anything from you I want something for you. I want you to have what I can’t have. A life free from the consequences of addiction.

May God bless you on your journey,