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“Joe Roberts’ inspiring story is one of determination, courage and overcoming adversity that reminds us of the power of believing that anything is possible.  It is testament to the strength of the human spirit and what you can achieve when you set your mind to it.”

Rick Hansen

Canada’s Man in Motion

From drugs, homelessness, poverty and despair the Skidrow to CEO story of Joe Roberts shows us, it is possible if we dare to dream and to act.”

Philip Owen

Former Mayor of Vancouver, B.C.

“Get yourself out from under your mental bridge. Joe can show you how. Start reading this book NOW!”

W Mitchell, CSP, CPAE, HoF

Author of, “It’s Not What Happen To You, It’s What Your Do About It”

“This is a book to read, reread and share.  Joe helps you see that failure is the key to success if you have the right attitude.   The title of this book could be “Adversity is Tremendous.”

Charles “T” Jones

Author of “Life is Tremendous”

“This inspiring book will nurture your heart and nourish your mind with the art of the possible…. Joe Roberts traveled the road with personal strength and professional zest.  You’ll enjoy his story.”

Nido Qubein, Founder, National Speakers Association Foundation

Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co

“Life is a challenge for all of us but for some, life’s challenges are truly monumental and one has to have great courage and faith to be an over comer.

Joe Robert’s story is raw, real, frightening and triumphant.  It is a great read about a life lost and reclaimed.”

Dr. Peter Legge, LL.D. (Hon), CSP, CPAE, HoF

President  & CEO

Canada Wide Magazines

“Joe, thank you for your courage and vulnerability to share the details of the dark side of your life in this book so others can have hope!  Gratefully I am glad your book doesn’t stop there but you continue to give the reader a plethora of strategies and tools to go from just plain survival to success.  All who read this book, no matter where they are today in life, will benefit greatly from your life experience and your research.  Bravo Joe!”

David Sweet

Member of Parliament for Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale

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Connect with your own inner strength as you prowl the seamy streets with Fred the Cat, feel the pain and triumph as seen from and alley Cat’s perspective. Find a piece of yourself as you walk with Fred through his transition from a failed life to freedom, joy and happiness.

Fred the Cat is a delightful cartoon storybook that narrates Joe’s incredible journey from the innocence of childhood to the degradation and pain of street life.

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“Don’t Buy the Lie about Getting High” is a simple yet very powerful cartoon narrated story through the dangers that can lead to homelessness and addiction.

It takes you into the mind and life of Joe “Shoeboogieman” who spent ten years on the streets of Vancouver having come from a good middle class family.  Joe dispels the lies and tells the truth on the dangers that lie in wait for the foolish.

Walk with Joe on his incredible journey through addiction. Parents, teachers, social workers and young people everywhere need to here this message:

“Don’t Buy the Lie about Getting High”

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