“Don’t Buy the Lie about Getting High” is a simple yet very powerful one-hour program.  It consists of a multimedia slide show combined with segments of Joe Shoeboogieman’s incredible journey through addiction. The graphics and sound combined with Joe’s powerful speaking abilities conveys his messages loud and clear. His message is “Don’t Buy the Lie About Getting High”

Everything necessary to conduct the multimedia program is supplied.  We have our own amp, speakers, microphones, LCD projector and laptop.  The only other items needed are detailed in our event booking Checklist PDF File

The program is designed for drug education and primary prevention. Through the use of drama, humor and cold hard facts it leaves the audience inspired and “edutained”. This proactive approach is geared towards young people who are confronted with drugs everyday of their lives. It is not a cure towards societies drug problem but it is a weapon against ignorance. To fight the war and win we must change the minds of those people creating the demand, our kids. It took ten years to make drunk driving un-cool. To undo the lies and deception we must start somewhere, this program is a great beginning.

There is a suggested honorarium for this event. However we believe the message is more important than the fee. If you have a need but cannot afford the suggested fee please call and we will do our best to accommodate all requests.

In the past ten years Joe has spoken to over 20o,000 young people and over 300 schools and youth conferences.

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“Don’t Buy the Lie about Getting High” is a powerful 60 minute program.  It consists of a five main elements.
1.                Shoeboogieman’s incredible story – a 20 minute multimedia show
2.                The “lies about getting high” interactive program  – turning lies into truths
3.                Pop quiz – Discovering danger zones
4.                Questions

The show takes you through Joe’s incredible journey from active addiction to his recovery today. The graphics and sound combined with Joe’s powerful speaking abilities conveys his messages loud and clear. That message is “Don’t Buy the Lie About Getting High”

Lie # 1… I’m Only Hurting Myself

Truth – Everyone around the addict feels the pain of addiction

 Lie # 2.. I Don’t Fit It, Nobody Loves Me

Truth – You do fit into this world and many people love you just as you are

 Lie #3… Addicts Are Weak People

Truth – Addicts are sick people. Addiction is disease not a moral choice

 Lie #4… I would never do THAT!  

Truth – Keep using drugs and you will eventually do everything to get more

 Lie # 5… I’m young with time to make mistakes  

Truth – You don’t often get a second chance. It only takes one time for HIV or overdose 

 Lie # 6… Alcohol & Pot won’t hurt you

Truth – They lead to other drugs. Ask any addict what drugs THEY started with

 Lie # 7… Everybody’s doing it  

Truth – No they are not. A large percentage of youth today NEVER try drugs

 Lie # 8…I won’t get hurt or go to jail  

Truth – Eventually it will catch up to you. You do the crime you’ll do the time

 Lie # 9… I can stop anytime I want  

Truth – Once drugs have a hold on you it is very hard to get out

Lie # 10… Drugs are cool, exciting & romantic

Truth – What is cool about suicide, homelessness, crime, violence, prostitution & HIV

 Lie # 11… I’m in too deep to stop

Truth – Its never too late to seek help. There’s hope when you give up dope